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Siobhan Jackson

Yoga Teacher

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I originally discovered yoga simply because I wanted a new hobby. As a full time secondary school teacher of modern foreign languages and a huge gym fan, I felt that I needed to add something to my bag – something to relax me out.

Through yoga and the incredible teachers that I have been fortunate enough to practice with I have learned to meditate, slow down, take time for myself and reduce any judgement that I have about myself – something that I have struggled with for a long time as I have battled through depression and anxiety. In 2018 I was so happy with what yoga had given me that I embarked upon my 200hour YTT. I feel so strongly that everyone should be able to experience the benefits of yoga, whether they are physical, spiritual or emotional.

I approach my yoga from a variety of viewpoints, physical, philosophical and spiritual – everything that yoga is, falls in line with my morals, values and aspirations.

The teachers - Siobhan
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