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If you enjoy yoga and meditation, but sometimes an hour simply isn't enough, and if you like the idea of escaping, retreating, from the outside world for a little longer, then a RETREAT could be just what you need.

The Den offers 3 types of retreats:


Not at the studio, but local to the Wigan area, a day that includes at least 2 extended yoga sessions, as well as guided meditation and a delicious lunch.


Escaping for a little while longer, weekend retreats run from a Friday evening until a Sunday lunchtime, and to date have been held in the Lake District.

These weekends include all food and accommodation, and at least 6 yoga sessions of varying styles.

and coming in 2024...


Travelling a little further still, to warmer climes, I am looking forward to leading The Den's first RETREAT ABROAD in summer 2024

Private Classes: About
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