Pre-recorded classes

A library of pre-recorded classes for you to access as often as you like, whenever and wherever. There are various class types, including asana practice and meditation, and different class lengths too, with more classes added regularly.

You have 2 options to enjoy these practices:


To subscribe or rent, simply scroll left or right through the thumbnails under the

relevant main image, (or swipe the image left and right, depending on your device),

choose your class and hit the button!

Scroll down for other useful information.


Or perhaps you'd like to try before you buy?

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What you need to know

Please note:

To participate in these classes you must subscribe to my site.

All payments are by credit/debit card.

For the subscription service your repeat payment will be taken automatically from your original payment card each month, and you can unsubscribe at any time by logging into your account, and selecting Unsubscribe.

By participating in these classes you agree to the below statements:

The decision to perform any exercise is down to the individual, and the instructor cannot accept responsibility for problems during or outside of a class. The participant agrees to take full responsibility for their actions within the class and shall work within their own limits. If you are in doubt as to your fitness, please consult your doctor beforehand. 


The instructor shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage to property and/or persons sustained during or as a result of participation in this class. I agree to listen to my body and monitor myself during every class session. 

Please email me at if you have any questions or concerns about the classes.