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What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice, designed to prepare body and mind for the ultimate enlightenment in meditation, but in today's world yoga can be a simpler journey.

It is a way to move your body, find your breath, be mindful in all you do.

It is a way to increase flexibility and mobility, build strength and stamina, and improve balance and focus.
It is a way to come back to yourself and a more present state of mind so that you are better able to cope with the hectic nature of our Western lifestyles.

It is a way to improve both physical and mental wellbeing.

It is way to allow your body to effectively find rest.


Is yoga for you?

Yes. Yoga is for anyone and everyone.

There really is a yoga practice for everyone and for whatever you are looking for, whether it is mindfulness and relaxation, improving coordination, mobility, stamina, flexibility and strength, or even a hard work out. It is about personal practice, achieving your own goals for that given day based on how your body is feeling, finding some space and time just for you on your mat.

Your yoga practice is always enough. Whatever you achieve on your mat is enough. It doesn’t matter if you touch your toes in a forward fold, or your balance is more of a wobble as long as you are working at your own level and making progress at your own pace. Some classes are hard work, that is true, but the real purpose is for yogis to achieve personal goals, whether that is to do that ever elusive handstand or crow (I WILL get there eventually!), to go a little deeper in a warrior pose, to bend just that little bit further or hold a pose for just a little bit longer, or even to achieve a greater peace in your savasana.


My passion is to make the practice as accessible as possible, without ego or competition, and to make yoga work for you. I will guide, support and encourage you to find acceptance in whatever your mat brings for you, to leave the outside world behind, just for a little while,


So what are you waiting for. Find your inner yogi, and join me on the mat

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